Tuesday, July 3, 2012

John Baker Now at Southeastern Performance Apparel

John Baker, at Southeastern Performance Apparel, awaiting your call......
I recently retired after 27 years as Choral Director at Enterprise High School in Enterprise, Alabama.
During my time as music educator I taught Concert Choir, Women's & Men's Choir as well as Show Choir.  Our groups at Enterprise High School had the privilege of performing at two regional ACDA conventions, the White House as well as six over-seas tours.
Throughout my teaching career I realized one of my most difficult tasks was to out-fit our musicians.  Since 1985 I have been working with Southeastern Performance Apparel to accomplish that daunting task.
Southeastern Performance Apparel offers the finest in formal concert wear for choir, concert band and orchestra as well as an exciting line of Sensations Show Choir Apparel.
Having recently joined the Southeastern Performance Apparel Team I look forward to helping you select appropriate apparel for your performing concert choir, band, orchestra or show choir.  Call or email me if I can help you in any way.
John Baker
Sales Consultant & Music Specialist

John Baker Reports on Show Choir Camps of America

A Clinician's View on Show Choir Camps of America

The camp was held on the campus of Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois June 17th - 23rd, 2012 with over 700 students and 100 teachers and choral directors from across the country attending.  This was a record setting year for Show Choir Camps of America where attendance was concerned.

The students were divided into 10 groups.  Each, lead by a nationally recognized choral director and choreographer, learned a complete show including four songs.  Each song was choreographed and accompanied by a show choir band comprised of professional musicians.  Students had the opportunity to audition for Dance Ensembles or Jazz Choir.

Talent shows were performed - one by both teachers & staff; another by 20 of the most gifted students attending.  Several students were offered $10,000 scholarships to Millikin University.

One of the highlights of the week was the performance of Broadway star, Robert Bohmer.  Mr. Bohmer starred in Scarlet Pimpernel, Ragtime and Phantom of the Opera where he played the role of the Phantom.

Students chose one daily workshop to attend which ranged from How to Audition, Hip Hop Dance Class, Tricks and Lifts, How to Read Music to Motivational Techniques, How to be a Good Solo Singer and Future Music Teachers of America.

Teachers also attended classes where they reviewed new music and heard from some of the leading choral musicians in the country.

Each group performed their show to a packed auditorium on the last day of the week.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting Extra Buck to Give Your Group the Extra Bang

You want your performance to be as spectacular as your group; however, budget cuts have reduced your funding while costs have remained the same.   Here are some ideas to help during this difficult time: 

1.    Sponsors.  Businesses or individuals may want to help defray some of your choir’s expenses even if they have no ties to the choir itself.  Music reaches out to many people and your sound may appeal to them and their generosity.

2.     Go green.  Lots of businesses, organizations and individuals are focusing on “going green”.  The traditional methods of collecting cans, bottles, paper and even clothes may not bring in a lot of money but, your group will get 100% of the profits.  A new trend for fundraising is collecting old cell phones, ink jet cartridges, laser cartridges, MP3 players, laptops and other small appliances.  These items can be worth $0.50 to $300.  There are several sites that deal with eco recycling fundraising but here are a few that deal with recyclable fundraising for schools and nonprofit groups:

a.   www.fundingfactory.com  & www.recyclingfundraiser.com – deal with cell phones, cartridges and small electronics

b.     www.fundraisingweb.org – a directory of fundraising companies to assist you along with fundraising ideas and products

3.  Gift cards.  Purchase the cards for $10 and sell them for $20.  Cards purchased on www.restaurant.com  can be redeemed at restaurants nationwide. 

4.     Discount cards.  This is a high profit way to earn money.  It takes a little leg work at first to get businesses to participate but it’s worth the effort.  The cards cost an average of $1 - $3 and are usually sold for $10 each.  You get to design both the front and back of the card.  For more information visit www.fasttrackfundraising.com.

Hopefully these options sparked some helpful ideas for your group.  Put the same effort and enthusiasm into your creative fundraising that you have in performing and you are sure to do well.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Southeastern Apparel & Sensations Show Choir Welcome John Baker

Southeastern Performance Apparel and Sensations Show Choir are proud to welcome John Baker of Enterprise, Alabama as a show choir consultant.  John needs no introduction to music educators across the nation as he has been involved in the community of music directors since 1982.  After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Auburn University in 1982 John earned his Master’s Degree in 1996 at Troy State University in Alabama.  He started his career in music education in 1982 as Choral Director at Americus City Schools in Georgia and for the last 27 years has continued to share his love of music as director of the choral program at his Alma Mater, Enterprise High School, in Enterprise, Alabama.  John serves as Director of Music at Saint Luke United Methodist Church, also in Enterprise and as a show choir camp clinician at Show Choir Camps of America, Inc in Naperville, Illinois.  John can be found serving as judge at many show choir competition events across the country.    During his career John has served as President of the Alabama Music Educators Association as well as President of the Alabama Vocal Association.  His concert groups and show choirs have performed at State Music Educators Conventions as well as ACDA conventions.  He has accompanied his groups on five European Concert Tours as well as tours to Hawaii and China and given two performances in the East Room of the White House.  During George W. Bush’s presidential term John’s choir was featured at the Lighting of the National Christmas Tree.  His long history in show choir competitions both as judge and participant has significantly informed John in creative yet appropriate show choir apparel. 

Southeastern Performance Apparel is very fortunate to have John Baker join them in serving middle school, high school and college choral directors with their uniform needs.  All are invited to take advantage of John’s expertise when considering the prospect of outfitting any of their musical groups. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Southeastern Performance Apparel Sponsors Show Choir Nationals Competition

After introducing our new line of Sensations Show Choir Apparel in the 2010 Southeastern Performance Apparel Catalog, we were honored to sponsor the 2011 Show Choir Nationals Competition in Nashville, TN in March.  It was very rewarding to see firsthand the excitement in the faces of each group that participated.  As J.E. Saliba, President of Southeastern Apparel, told each of the competitors as he handed out trophies to each divisional winner, “you are all winners”.  Rarely have I seen so many young people at any organized event who were more talented and acted with more grace, discipline and pride.  Congratulations to each member of the groups, their dedicated directors and support staff.

Southeastern is in the process of preparing their 2011 catalog which will be mailed to schools across the nation this fall.  We are adding to the Sensations Show Choir Apparel line and look forward to hearing from our loyal customers and new friends.

Visit us at http://www.sepapparel.com to view our concert and show choir apparel.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ACDA National Convention - Southeastern Performance Apparel

Be sure to make plans to stop by booths 1006 & 1008 to visit with Southeastern Performance Apparel at the 2011 ACDA National Convention in Chicago this March.  While there, register to win one of the two $500 Gift Certificates to be given to two lucky participants. 

We are proud to sponsor the ACDA National Student Conducting Competition.  Jim Paxton, our Vice President, will be there to make the presentation.

Positive Benefits for Students Who Participate in a Choral Progam

In reviewing articles and survey results dating from the 1980s on the benefits of student choral participation we find that those benefits continue to be extremely positive.  The benefits are so positive that even students themselves have noticed.  Sited below are quotes from some observers.

According to a 2009 Chorus America Survey nearly 3 million Americans

regularly sing in choruses. Children who sing in choruses get significantly better

grades than their classmates who were never in a choir. Parents of choristers say

that participating in a chorus contributes to other qualities that help children learn

and develop – Such as good memory, good practice and homework habits

and high levels of creativity.  As in 2003, the research finds that adult choral

singers display an array of positive attributes, from deeper involvement in civic

life than the average American to desirable personal qualities; such highly

developed social skills and the ability to be a team player.

Three-quarters of teachers surveyed said they can tell which students in their

classes participate in choirs, just by observing their behavior. More than half say

they have recommended choruses to students. Ninety-one percent of educators

believe choruses add to a school’s overall sense of community.

“When kids participate in choruses, they also tend to be successful students in

school. Similarly, adults who participate in choruses are more likely to be

successful citizens and workers,” said Laura Smyth, senior associate for

Communications and Partnerships at the Arts Education Partnership.

Kevin McCarthy, a leading researcher on the arts and culture at RAND

Corporation finds the new study provocative and deserving of further exploration.

“What is it about choruses that seems to produce benefits-is it the discipline, is it

the art, is it the fact that you are cooperating and working with others, is it being a

part of an organization that is beyond yourself.

Beth Tibbs, Arizona Western College professor and director of the Yuma Youth

Choir says that many of her choir members began with no self-confidence, and

singing helped build their self-esteem and strengthen their discipline. Choir

participation is very transformative in every aspect of their lives, and just

remembering lyrics or their part of melody lines sharpens cognitive skills.

The findings indicate that no matter the age, from children to senior citizens the

benefits of choral participation are all positive. These positive effects are felt

personally, as well as translating to a better community in which to live.

To read all of the results of the 2009 Chorus America Survey visit their website at: http://www.chorusamerica.org/about_choralsinging.cfm