Friday, January 21, 2011

Congratulations - 2011 Show Choir Competition Results

18 Show Choir Competitions have been held in 2011.  Congratulations to all the winners!!!  They are:

Colby Central Wisconsin Show Choir Spectacular 2011
Spotlighters                                                     Grand Champion
Craig High School                                          Best Choreography
                                                                        Best Band

Center Stage                                                   First Runner Up
Preble High School                                         Best Vocals
                                                                        Best Female Soloist
                                                                        (Brittany Enderby)

Cardinal Singers                                              Second Runner Up
Maryville High School

Marysville Showcase 2011
Choraliers                                                        Grand Champion
Fairfield Sr High School                                 Best Vocals
                                                                        Best Choreography
                                                                        Best Band

Classic Connection                                         First Runner Up
DeKalb High School

Music in Motion                                              Second Runner Up
Solon High School

Onalaska Show Choir Classic 2011
Grand Central Station                         Grand Champion
La Crosse Central High School                      Best Vocals
                                                                        Best Choreography
                                                                        Best Band

The Ambassadors                                            First Runner Up
Prairie High School

Executive Session                                           Second Runner Up

Southern Wells Raider Classic 2011
Mixed Division
Opening Knight                                              Grand Champion
South Dearborn High School

Knight Vision                                                 First Runner Up
Crestview High School          

Brave Generation                                            Second Runner Up
Bellmont High School

Viterbo 101 2011
Riverside Company                                        Grand Champion
Hastings High School                                     Best Vocals
                                                                        Best Choreography

Amazing Technicolor Show Choir                  First Runner Up
Westside High School                                                Best Female Soloist
                                                                        (Abbey Stewart)

10th Street Edition                                           Second Runner Up
Linn-Mar High School           

Beavercreek Show Choir Classic (Middle School) 2011
Middle School Division
Rhythm Express                                              Grand Champion
Fairfield Middle School

Revolution                                                      First Runner Up
Loveland Middle School

Mini Swingers                                                 Second Runner Up
Bunsold Middle School

Beavercreek Midwest Show Choir Classic 2011
The Company                                                  Grand Champion
Piqua High School                                          Best Vocals
                                                                        Best Choreography

Keynotes                                                         First Runner Up         
                                                                        Best Band
                                                                        Best Crew
                                                                        Best Costumes

Prominent Rendition                                       Second Runner Up
                                                                        Best Set

Burlington Chocolate City Invitational 2011
Cardinal Singers                                              Grand Champion
Mayville High School                                     Best Choreography

Center Stage                                                   First Runner Up
Preble High School                                         Best Female Soloist
                                                                        (Brittany Enderby)

Midwest Express                                            Second Runner Up
Holmen High School                                      Best Vocals
                                                                        Best Band
Crete-Monee Show Choir Spectacular 2011
Swingsations                                                   Grand Champion
Mt Zion High School                                      Best Vocals
                                                                        Best Choreography
                                                                        Best Band

Magic                                                              First Runner Up
Manteno High School                                     Best Male Soloist

Delegation                                                       Second Runner Up
Danville High School

Gretna Ready for Prime Time 2011
The Ambassadors                                            Grand Champion
Prairie High School                                         Best Vocals
                                                                        Best Band

Blackout                                                          First Runner Up
Elkhorn South High School                            Best Choreography

14 Karat Gold                                                 Second Runner Up

Linn-Mar Supernova 2011
Company of Singers                                       Grand Champion
Totino Grace High School                              Best Vocals
                                                                        Best Choreography
                                                                        Best Band
                                                                        Best Male Soloist
                                                                        (James Odegaard)

Happiness, Inc.                                               First Runner Up
Cedar Rapids Kennedy High School             Best Male Soloist
                                                                        (James Odegaard)

West Side Delegation                                     Second Runner Up
Thomas Jefferson High School

Mill City Show Choir Festival 2011
Open Division
Vibe                                                                Grand Champion
Daniel Hand High School                              

Music Unlimited                                             First Runner Up
Waltham High School                                     Best Rhythm Section

Panache                                                           Second Runner Up
Oliver Ames High School                               Best Instrumental Section

Monoma Grove Silver Stage 2011
Hilltoppers                                                      Grand Champion
Onalaska High School                                                Best Vocals
                                                                        Best Female Soloist

Choralation                                                     First Runner Up
Milton High School                                        Best Choreography

Executive Session                                           Second Runner Up
Sauk Prairie High School                                Best Male Soloist

Portsmouth Tri-State Show Choir Competition 2011
Mixed Division – Tier I
Great Expectations                                         Grand Champion
Twinsburg High School                                  Best Vocals

Red Hot                                                          First Runner Up
Hurricane High School                                   Best Choreography

Show Cards                                                    Second Runner Up
Colerain High School                                      Best Band

Rock Bridge Show Invitational 2011
Hillside Singers                                               Grand Champion
Pleasant Hill High School                               Best Vocals

Oak Street Singers                                          First Runner Up
Oak Park High School                                    Best Choreography

Music Makers                                                  Second Runner Up
Harrisonville High School

Twin Lakes Show Choir Invitational 2011
Mixed Division
Classic Connection                                         Grand Champion
DeKalb High School                                       Best Choreography

Mistrels                                                           First Runner Up
Bishop Luers High School                              Best Vocals

Mistrel Magic                                                  Second Runner Up
Carroll High School                                        Best Crew

UNL Midwest Cup 2011
Riverside Company                                        Grand Champion
Hastings High School                                     Best Vocals
Best Choreography    
Best Band

Innovation                                                       First Runner Up
Johnston High School                                    

Resonance                                                       Second Runner Up
Lincoln Southwest High School

Waukee Star Struck Invitational (Day Two) 2011
The Classics                                                    Grand Champion
Wheaton Warrenville South High School       Best Vocals
                                                                        Best Choreography
                                                                        Best Male Soloist

Xhilaration                                                      First Runner Up
Xavier High School                                        Best Band

Studio                                                             Second Runner Up
Urbandale High School

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