Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ACDA Student Conducting Competition by Southeastern Performance Apparel

The ACDA Student Conducting Awards were initiated during the 1993 ACDA National Convention in San Antonio, Texas. We again offer this highly successful event at the 2011 ACDA National Convention in Chicago, IL. The 2011 ACDA Student Conducting Awards are sponsored by Southeastern Apparel.
The objectives of the ACDA Student Conducting Awards are three-fold:
1. To acknowledge and reward outstanding graduate and undergraduate student conductors;
2. To encourage score preparation and advancement of conducting and rehearsal skills; and
3. To promote student activity at the ACDA National Convention.
These cash prizes are awarded to the winners of the final round of the conducting awards:
First Prize, Graduate Level: $1000
Second Prize, Graduate Level: $500
First Prize, Undergraduate Level: $500
Second Prize, Undergraduate Level: $250.
In addition, the sixteen semi-finalists (up to eight undergraduate and eight graduate) each receive a $200 scholarship funded by corporate sponsors to defray costs to attend the National Convention.   For more information visit http://www.acda.org/.

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