Friday, October 22, 2010

Fit and Comfort for Adult Musicians

Southeastern Performance Apparel is now offering formal wear that is designed for the adult musicians.  The fit and styles are for the body of a more mature person.  No more trying to alter garments offered for our high school group customers to fit an adult.  This makes the garment more comfortable to wear and more age appropriate in style.  We have also adopted these styles in fabrics that offer easy movement for the orchestra members and are easy to take care of for the travelers.  This line includes skirts, dresses and tunic tops which are offered in three different necklines plus three sleeve lengths.  The tunics are also offered in three fabrics:  travel-ready stretch knit, supple stretch velvet and stretch profusion sequin.  As always we have a full line of performance wear for your male members.  Visit our website,, to view the full line.

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